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15 years of specialized experience that made us capable to design and implement business & digital strategy


Republica Strategy + Digital

  • We brought together 7 companies, 13 specialized partners and 90 talented people to create one Republica Strategy + Digital
  • We became Google Premier Partner
  • Launch of Sra Space Design: specialized company focused on space design & production.
  • Top50 Best Place to Work
  • First Design Award for a Special Product for one of our designed restaurants
  • Entry into the First International Agency Network
  • We became Hubspot partner
  • Launch of Sao Francisco with the mission of creating deep communication concepts for advertisement campaigns
  • Expanding business to new markets around the world
  • Creation of Innovation Department with the purpose of exploring new technologies, tools and partnerships to improve digital expertise and optimize projects efficiency
  • Internal VC creation, with our first investment in a Web3 Real Estate Technology Startup
  • AI & Metaverse experiences as one of the key areas of expertise, by developing business positioning and digital transformation
  • 8th place in the Best Place to Work award
  • First Honorable Mention in Branding category with a space design project for our first designed restaurant
  • First certification as a PME líder
  • 100 clients and turnover of +1M
  • Our ambition was bigger: to provide deep marketing knowledge and offer strategic marketing consultancy services. And so Convert was born, our Strategic Marketing Company committed to helping companies create and develop successful brands through an omni-channel strategy
  • Partnerships with finance and insurance companies, to explore our expertise in the Banking & Finance sector
  • We became Facebook partner
  • Launch of Creatura, our Strategic Design Company focused on branding, UX/UI and space design
  • Launch of the holding Republica 45: The portfolio of companies began to gain a dimension that justified the need to create a holding capable of bringing together the several areas of expertise in the digital field
  • Launch of Eugenia: our expertise in the recruitment area allowed us to create the first multilingual talent agency with an international presence
  • We became TikTok partner
  • 300+ clients worked
  • Hello to our actual office at Republica 45: and housewarming with first party for clients
  • The beginning of our deep expertise in the Energy industry
  • Acquisition of Yourcode: First acquisition with our software house
  • Deep dive in Hospitality & Restaurants, with the launch of our first hotel and restaurant – from business concept to design & communication
  • As there’s no Digital Marketing Strategy without motion, we found Emotion Films, our specialized Video Production Company
  • First International client, working with several geographies to recruit +60k people from all over the world
  • Starting our expertise in Health & Beauty, by working with big global companies in this industry
  • We became Indeed partner
  • +100% growth
  • 15 talented people with different backgrounds working with the same purpose
  • The time when digital performance and advertisement started being our best friend
  • 63 clients worked in one year
  • Third office at Marquês de Pombal
  • We became Google Partner
  • Real Estate started being one of our areas of expertise
  • Launch of BYD: As L2G began to develop many training courses in the area of Digital Marketing, the need arose to create BYD – the one that became the largest company in the group, focused on implementation and monitoring of highly profitable Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Move to the heart of Lisbon with a new office
  • First invited partner specialized in Digital Marketing
  • Launch of L2G: Our history starts with the foundation of Learn to Grow, our Training Company that offered tailored learning solutions and trainings in several areas of expertise – from soft skills to digital marketing, and also culture & staff engagement areas

We brought together 7 companies, 13 specialized partners and 90 talents

Strategic Design

Creatura was born in 2020 with the purpose of transforming businesses through strategic brand design.
Creatura Space Design is know focused on Branded Spaces, Wayfindind and Merchandising, with focus on Hospitality, Retail and Offices.

Strategic Marketing

Convert focused on knowing and transforming the entire customer experience to achieve loyalty, from customers to brands and from employees to companies. From marketing plans to community engagement programs, Convert would not only consult but also implement.

Digital Marketing

BYD was our Digital Marketing Agency with more than 10 years of experience. As performance marketing specialists, the experts were dedicated to strategically implement brands, businesses and companies through a strong digital presence so they could get even closer to customers.

Animation Studio

Emotion was an animation studio who brought to life the clients’ ideas. No matter how complex the messaging, they always found a simple way to communicate it, through scripting and sound design, to their core animation skills.

Web Development

YOURCODE was our Web Development Company, working daily to develop the best digital experience to each clients’ customers. With great expertise in e-commerce but also corporate websites, the team would guarantee a high-quality service from planing and design to implementation and support.

Today we are Strategy + Digital
working as one

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