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How an integrated digital strategy can reduce hiring costs by 29%

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Optimizing recruitment efforts

Recognizing the growing need for hiring multilingual talent across various markets, Teleperformance Portugal understood the importance of improving its recruitment process. Our collaboration aimed to help streamline their hiring efforts and meet these increasing demands, not only through recruitment cost optimization but also ensuring better-quality hires.

The process

With Teleperformance Portugal’s reputation as a leading provider of customer experience solutions, our joint goal was to make their recruitment process more efficient and effective.
The collaboration began solely with the implementation and management of digital campaigns for all markets (national and international), later extending to the definition and management of content strategy, brand awareness strategy in different markets, and implementation of social media, assuming the entire Digital Marketing Department and coordinating with recruitment areas.
people were hired compared to the same period the previous year

What makes employees come to Portugal?

In order to better understand the various reasons that lead employees to come to Portugal, we conducted a comprehensive survey from which we realised that the value proposition for a German should be entirely distinct from the proposition directed to a French or Dutch individual.

A market oriented strategy

From that insight we built a unique strategy for each market, with different value propositions, materials, and communication platforms. In some countries, we focused on Twitter, while in others, we prioritised Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or any other platform that was aligned with the country’s tendencies. The key was to measure every step of the candidate’s journey and understand which source delivered a more competitive lead with better conversion rates, keeping in mind that what works in one market might not work in the other.

The impact

In 3 months, we were able to increase the monthly volume of leads by 28%, reduce the cost per lead by 48%, and achieve an average reduction of 29% in the cost per contract. Over 12 months, we managed to hire 1.442 more people compared to the same period the previous year.

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