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Building foundations for sustainable growth

A clear brand architecture is crucial for managing your portfolio, driving growth, and entering new markets. We help define and optimize your brands for long-term success. Our forward-thinking approach simplifies how people understand and explore your offerings.

What to expect

Brand Portfolio

This involves assessing and managing the collection of brands within a company’s portfolio, determining the relationship between different brands, identifying overlaps or gaps in the portfolio and rationalizing the brand lineup to ensure coherence and efficiency. A well-structured brand portfolio enhances its ability to target diverse market segments effectively.

Growth Planning & Expansion

Growth planning and expansion strategies focus on identifying opportunities to grow the brand portfolio and enter new markets or segments through identification of untapped market niches or expansion opportunities. Growth planning aims to fuel the brand’s expansion while ensuring that new initiatives align with its overall positioning and objectives.

Sub-brands Creation

Sub-brands are extensions of a parent brand that target specific market segments or offer distinct product/service lines allowing companies to leverage the equity of their main brand while catering to different consumer needs. The process involves developing unique positioning, identity, and messaging.


Brand restructuring involves reorganizing the brand architecture to better support the company’s strategic objectives. This may include consolidating brands, repositioning existing brands, or discontinuing underperforming ones in order to streamline the brand portfolio, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall coherence and clarity of the brand architecture.

Mergers & Acquisitions

In brand architecture, M&A services involve integrating acquired brands into the existing portfolio or merging them with existing brands to create synergies and maximize value. This may entail rebranding to align with the parent company’s brand architecture, integrating their products into the existing lineup, and leveraging shared resources.

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