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Marketing Automation Consultants

Maximize Impact with Smart Automation

Streamline your marketing efforts with our expert Marketing Automation Consultants. Republica offers top-tier Marketing Automation Services designed to optimize your campaigns, enhance efficiency, and boost ROI through sophisticated automation technologies.

What to expect

Automation Planning

Enhance your marketing strategy with Republica’s in-depth automation planning. We tailor each campaign to align with your business goals, focusing on demographic targeting and behavioral analysis to maximize engagement and conversions. Our strategic planning ensures a perfect blend of efficiency and effectiveness, propelling your business forward.

Triggers & Workflows

Improve responsiveness with Republica’s setup of automated triggers and workflows. Our team configures precise user-triggered actions, enhancing engagement and user experience. This service includes designing personalized pathways that nurture leads and boost campaign performance effectively.

Templates and HTML

Revitalize your campaign aesthetics with Republica’s custom email templates and HTML designs. Designed for optimal functionality on all devices, our templates enhance user interaction and conversion potential, making each communication visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Data Base Management

Republica enhances your marketing precision with targeted segmentation and database management. By refining your audience profiles and employing targeted messaging, we boost engagement and conversions. Our approach ensures your marketing messages are relevant and impactful.


Optimize your marketing campaigns with Republicas detailed reports and continuous improvements. We analyze performance metrics to refine strategies, enhancing your marketing effectiveness and ROI. Our optimizations are data-driven, aimed at consistently improving campaign outcomes.

Maximize Conversion with Cutting-Edge Emails
Since 2017, BYD has been integral to SIBS and MB WAY’s growth, expertly navigating digital marketing’s vast challenges. Their insights have been crucial for our sustainable development and deepening user connections. Personally and professionally, I value BYD’s consistent support through the years.

Cristiana Monteiro, Head of Marketing

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